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No.26 Stickied
Hello, world.

We are currently in the process of establishing direct connections to as many nomadic cities as possible. If you happen to know the coordinates of any nomadic cities, please reply to this post.
¨ No.27
Current location of Celenus Minor is 27.2046° N 77.4977° E. Good luck lol
¨ No.28
1658942709026.png–(20.39KB, 118x121, bluecathuh.png)
>he doesn't know the cities move

they're called NOMADIC cities dumbass what's the point of giving their current coordinates
¨ No.29
We're at 12.451° N 44.413° E. Moving at about twelve knots south-southwest
¨ No.31
How does one find their coordinates again? Our radar broke
¨ No.34
Use astromancy magecraft to create a makeshift starchart revolving around Sirius. It's what we've been using since we're low on engineers
¨ No.36
Hello can we use this thread for an sos our city is sinking we’re at 25.9202276° N 131.5212742° E

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