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No.26 Stickied  [Reply]
Hello, world.

We are currently in the process of establishing direct connections to as many nomadic cities as possible. If you happen to know the coordinates of any nomadic cities, please reply to this post.
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¨ No.28
1658942709026.png–(20.39KB, 118x121, bluecathuh.png)
>he doesn't know the cities move

they're called NOMADIC cities dumbass what's the point of giving their current coordinates
¨ No.29
We're at 12.451° N 44.413° E. Moving at about twelve knots south-southwest
¨ No.31
How does one find their coordinates again? Our radar broke
¨ No.34
Use astromancy magecraft to create a makeshift starchart revolving around Sirius. It's what we've been using since we're low on engineers
¨ No.36
Hello can we use this thread for an sos our city is sinking we’re at 25.9202276° N 131.5212742° E

No.41 Stickied  [Reply]
Hello can we use this thread for an sos our city is sinking we’re at 25.9202276° N 131.5212742° E
¨ No.42
If your city is in need of assistance, please reply to this stickied thread and do not spam the other threads.
¨ No.44  >>49
how’d you even get it to sink
¨ No.49
One of our mages attempted to repair the radar system with astronomy magecraft and well...
¨ No.75
1659070132424.jpg–(6.70KB, 225x225, download (4).jpg)
>he actually fell for the astronomy myth

File: 1662178740696.png–(130.38KB, 249x312, laurentservant.png)
No.98  [Reply]
Hello everyone. Welcome to the first annual S.E.R.V.A.N.T Frame selling thread. Post Servants you've summoned from Republic frames, where you're selling them, and how much they're worth to you. I will start with this fine Berserker named 'crass-sus'. Let the bidding commence!
¨ No.104
is a cute girl berserker? not interested otherwise!
also does she wear shoes
¨ No.106
1695506890337.png–(407.50KB, 581x596, qdsfdqsf.png)
>Spend years saving up, preparing for summoning
>Magic circle flawless, chant impeccable
>Expect a legendary warrior
>Smug asshole Servant appears, raids my booze pantry
>Raids my bar, crashes on my couch
>Turns on TV, hogs the remote, not even a thank you

Fucking piece of shit Gilgamesh. Pic unrelated
¨ No.110
I summoned some rags-wearing guy that kept calling me "Papaye" and blasting r&b music. He's extremely annoying, worth literally nothing to me. Selling him from Maritopia

File: 1662178985668.png–(354.48KB, 477x530, l8xq6mc0udk81.png)
No.99  [Reply]
>random ass corporation pops out of nowhere
>we've managed to create golems that you can summon past humans into
>it... it just works bro!!!
are we seriously supposed to accept this? What's Republic up to, man, what's it doing? This feels like a massive conspiracy.
¨ No.105
1695505750270.jpg–(47.89KB, 700x597, 3954d5dfc7455613fb641a9a2e51c450bb196086001fd88256)
>Be me, unexperienced neet Magi
>Neet friend bought a Frame and invites me to his house to test it out
>Witness the fabled "Summoning Ritual"
>Friend chanting gibberish
>Suddenly a guy in a bedsheet "Assassin" appears out of thin air

You guys don't actually believe this shit, do you?

File: 1660600731095.jpg–(462.07KB, 2560x1855, kestrel.jpg)
No.87  [Reply]
Post birds, appreciate birds and show your own birds! It is I, the one and only Dodo, here to start another /birb/ thread for your viewing pleasure! Let me commence the festivities by posting this mature kestrel that I have been growing for a few weeks. His face is quite fierce! I think I'll name him Henry.
¨ No.88
hey do u have any pngeguuins
¨ No.89
1660601198536.jpg–(5.03KB, 259x194, download (5).jpg)
not OP but this penguin is quite nice. Very rotund! Quite fluffy!
¨ No.103
1695502532526.jpg–(105.61KB, 960x720, 1418261748978.jpg)
heres a bird but also some fake ones...

File: 1695501848730.jpg–(13.58KB, 478x403, PEAK.jpg)
No.102  [Reply]
>Cookie Devil: hehe what are you gonna do brat 😈
>Jermappelle: Cookie you monster... how dare you do that to sensei... I've got something saved for you...
>Cookie Devil: N-nani?! I cant use my cursed technique??
>Jermappelle: now lets have a real baking contest...

How is this second chapter so good??? They turned unimportant side character #137 into a fucking chad

File: 1662179281577.png–(91.97KB, 512x512, minecraft_logo_icon_168974.png)
No.101  [Reply]
So how do I learn this minecraft shit that is all the rage these days. I wanna be able to shoot laser beams and summon massive tornados, but every self-help book my city has isn't doing it for me. Where do I get a crest and how do I use one? Am I retarded or is this just impossible to figure out?

File: 1660345066232.jpg–(79.53KB, 1019x689, Is_it_Too_Cold_to_Paint_Outside_Know_the_Facts.jpg)
No.82  [Reply]  >>83, >>84
Hey not sure if this is the right place for this but frankly I have no other option

How the hell do you setup the weather domes again??? Our most talented mages unfortunately passed away and winter is coming soon but the city's heating system is not set up

Do we need runes? Unique incantations? Some of those modern advancements called science??? Please help or we will be unable to cope with the harsh cold :(
¨ No.83
OP did you try turning it off and on again?
¨ No.84
Wow, I didn't know they let BITCHES onto this form. Our city can't even afford a weather dome, and you don't hear any of us complaining about it. Grow a pair of fucking balls, buy a sweater, and sack up, pussy.

No.72  [Reply]
Is it just me or are there a ton of posts missing? It's 2019 and I've been trying to find a bunch of old threads. Is there an archive somewhere?
¨ No.73  >>77
Is it just me or is your mom missing?
¨ No.77
Yeah, asshole, she drowned in the flood. Eat shit and die.

File: 1659046900890.jpg–(28.02KB, 294x445, 51S9594XBEL._AC_SY445_.jpg)
No.63  [Reply]
hey guys nice site you got here! i was just lurking but decided to finally man up and post so nice to meet you c:

i've currently managed to yoink a dvd player from my neighbor in exchange for 3 crates of beer so i was thinking about firing this bad boy up. i don't think i ever watched it since the world got flooded like a few weeks after it came to dvd, so i'm excited to see what all the fuss is about!
¨ No.64
this movie is ass
¨ No.68
Man this flood sucks. I was so excited to finally watch that new Star Wars movie, and now it's never going to come out. Are there even going to be new movies anymore? Is Hollywood still out there? Are all the actors and directors floating off somewhere shooting Shrek 3? I hope so, because if we never get any new movies, then the next fifty years are gonna SUCK.
¨ No.76
Good for you, anon

File: 1659025247635.jpg–(709.02KB, 1120x610, E52890A3-9988-4D8A-B426-3AE65600EF98.jpeg)
No.47  [Reply]  >>61
Hey guys, I’m looking to go camping somewhere out of city and I was hoping to find some recommendations on nomadic cities with a good mountain range. I’m pretty new so advice on things to bring or keep in mind while hiking is appreciated. Athletically speaking I feel like I could handle pretty much any trail but, I still consider myself a novice overall in terms of backpacking and camping. I also haven’t been to any other cities, do I need to get a pass or just book a ferry and show up? Any advice would be helpful, thanks!
¨ No.55
The world just ended and you want to go camping????
¨ No.60
1659046249839.png–(125.31KB, 267x400, Thumbs-up-for-the-king.-Gilgamesh-fate-Fate-stay-n)
i respect the grind no cap
¨ No.61
Nice to find a fellow camper! Not sure how far you are from it, but I heavily recommend this nomadic city a bit further down the Southern hemisphere. I don't remember it's name, but I think it was some sort of nature reserve? The people living in it were really chill and it had some amazing vistas and locations, so definitely seems worth checking out!

I recommend bringing a friend or two though. Those capybaras mean business.
¨ No.74
Why are you posting this gold cunt? You know he's a piece of shit and the reason we're busy fishing our lives away.

File: 1659045832496.jpg–(364.13KB, 1200x627, 13065-image-of-jesus-christ-bursting-through-blue-)
No.56  [Reply]  >>58
Guys, I just had a thought. What if the apocalypse was not a lone incident? What if it was all planned by a higher power? Think about it: The floods, the mass cleansing of souls and the eternal blue sea. It is exactly as the scriptures has shown. Perhaps, this is simply our lord and creator's way of showing us the true path...
¨ No.57  >>58, >>59
Maybe we...were the real monsters
¨ No.58
1659046083072.png–(31.55KB, 122x128, circeface.png)
Maybe...you two are just fucking idiots
¨ No.59
no i'm pretty sure the monsters are whoever organized the fuyuki grail war
¨ No.70
you know the grail is a conspiracy and a myth, right?

File: 1659026129658.jpg–(230.74KB, 551x636, A84DB6A4-B1DF-4192-9094-297C85E87AF6.jpeg)
No.48  [Reply]
Any Londoners that frequented the Bankside Cafe before 2004? I know this is like finding a needle in a haystack but did you by any chance pick up a badge with a red owl on it, it’s quite large, barely bits in your palm large. The badge is very important to me but I’ve not been able to return there in person since, y’know. Anyway let me know thanks,
¨ No.50  >>51
You do know you could have gotten them from your local ASDA right? They cost 20p a piece
¨ No.51  >>52
Does money even matter anymore considering, you know?
¨ No.52  >>62
At my city we started using bottlecaps as our currency. Like, the cola ones. A bit hard to hold compared to coins though
¨ No.62
lucky you, our city decided to use banana peels as their currency

no clue why, they just settled on that and that was it
¨ No.69
Ours has been using bricks, personally. A bunch of stonemasons took control of the government pretty early on, and frankly I'm sick of carrying thirty pounds of bricks just to buy a loaf of bread

File: 1659047014329.gif–(101.21KB, 112x112, worryhmm.gif)
No.65  [Reply]
Why is it even called Fatechan anyway??? What does this have to do with "fate"? Why does it end in chan? This makes literally no sense. Can't it just be called "boat web" or something?
¨ No.67
why do you all insist on posting this frog? is there a joke that i am missing???
¨ No.71
1659069730696.png–(26.90KB, 128x128, worrypoint.png)
there is no joke.

File: 1659032425407.png–(63.29KB, 338x338, drpepper.png)
No.53  [Reply]
My stock of pre-flood Dr Pepper ran out, and apparently, EVEN THOUGH I told them I'd pay handsomely for it, nobody on my city is making any more Dr Pepper. Are there any cities out there that still have a Dr Pepper brewery? Failing that, can anyone suggest any good alternatives? If you do, please contact me ASAP, it's been two weeks since my last sip and the withdrawals are getting worse.
¨ No.66
bro forget dr pepper i just got stacks of beer piled up!!! some sucker gave me a bunch in exchange for my busted dvd player so we eatin good tonight!!!

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