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File: 1662178740696.png–(130.38KB, 249x312, laurentservant.png)
Hello everyone. Welcome to the first annual S.E.R.V.A.N.T Frame selling thread. Post Servants you've summoned from Republic frames, where you're selling them, and how much they're worth to you. I will start with this fine Berserker named 'crass-sus'. Let the bidding commence!
¨ No.104
is a cute girl berserker? not interested otherwise!
also does she wear shoes
¨ No.106
1695506890337.png–(407.50KB, 581x596, qdsfdqsf.png)
>Spend years saving up, preparing for summoning
>Magic circle flawless, chant impeccable
>Expect a legendary warrior
>Smug asshole Servant appears, raids my booze pantry
>Raids my bar, crashes on my couch
>Turns on TV, hogs the remote, not even a thank you

Fucking piece of shit Gilgamesh. Pic unrelated
¨ No.110
I summoned some rags-wearing guy that kept calling me "Papaye" and blasting r&b music. He's extremely annoying, worth literally nothing to me. Selling him from Maritopia

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