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File: 1660600731095.jpg–(462.07KB, 2560x1855, kestrel.jpg)
Post birds, appreciate birds and show your own birds! It is I, the one and only Dodo, here to start another /birb/ thread for your viewing pleasure! Let me commence the festivities by posting this mature kestrel that I have been growing for a few weeks. His face is quite fierce! I think I'll name him Henry.
¨ No.88
hey do u have any pngeguuins
¨ No.89
1660601198536.jpg–(5.03KB, 259x194, download (5).jpg)
not OP but this penguin is quite nice. Very rotund! Quite fluffy!
¨ No.103
1695502532526.jpg–(105.61KB, 960x720, 1418261748978.jpg)
heres a bird but also some fake ones...

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