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File: 1659045832496.jpg–(364.13KB, 1200x627, 13065-image-of-jesus-christ-bursting-through-blue-)
No.56  >>58
Guys, I just had a thought. What if the apocalypse was not a lone incident? What if it was all planned by a higher power? Think about it: The floods, the mass cleansing of souls and the eternal blue sea. It is exactly as the scriptures has shown. Perhaps, this is simply our lord and creator's way of showing us the true path...
¨ No.57  >>58, >>59
Maybe we...were the real monsters
¨ No.58
1659046083072.png–(31.55KB, 122x128, circeface.png)
Maybe...you two are just fucking idiots
¨ No.59
no i'm pretty sure the monsters are whoever organized the fuyuki grail war
¨ No.70
you know the grail is a conspiracy and a myth, right?

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