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File: 1659046900890.jpg–(28.02KB, 294x445, 51S9594XBEL._AC_SY445_.jpg)
hey guys nice site you got here! i was just lurking but decided to finally man up and post so nice to meet you c:

i've currently managed to yoink a dvd player from my neighbor in exchange for 3 crates of beer so i was thinking about firing this bad boy up. i don't think i ever watched it since the world got flooded like a few weeks after it came to dvd, so i'm excited to see what all the fuss is about!
¨ No.64
this movie is ass
¨ No.68
Man this flood sucks. I was so excited to finally watch that new Star Wars movie, and now it's never going to come out. Are there even going to be new movies anymore? Is Hollywood still out there? Are all the actors and directors floating off somewhere shooting Shrek 3? I hope so, because if we never get any new movies, then the next fifty years are gonna SUCK.
¨ No.76
Good for you, anon

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