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File: 1659026129658.jpg–(230.74KB, 551x636, A84DB6A4-B1DF-4192-9094-297C85E87AF6.jpeg)
Any Londoners that frequented the Bankside Cafe before 2004? I know this is like finding a needle in a haystack but did you by any chance pick up a badge with a red owl on it, it’s quite large, barely bits in your palm large. The badge is very important to me but I’ve not been able to return there in person since, y’know. Anyway let me know thanks,
¨ No.50  >>51
You do know you could have gotten them from your local ASDA right? They cost 20p a piece
¨ No.51  >>52
Does money even matter anymore considering, you know?
¨ No.52  >>62
At my city we started using bottlecaps as our currency. Like, the cola ones. A bit hard to hold compared to coins though
¨ No.62
lucky you, our city decided to use banana peels as their currency

no clue why, they just settled on that and that was it
¨ No.69
Ours has been using bricks, personally. A bunch of stonemasons took control of the government pretty early on, and frankly I'm sick of carrying thirty pounds of bricks just to buy a loaf of bread

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