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File: 1660345066232.jpg–(79.53KB, 1019x689, Is_it_Too_Cold_to_Paint_Outside_Know_the_Facts.jpg)
No.82  >>83, >>84
Hey not sure if this is the right place for this but frankly I have no other option

How the hell do you setup the weather domes again??? Our most talented mages unfortunately passed away and winter is coming soon but the city's heating system is not set up

Do we need runes? Unique incantations? Some of those modern advancements called science??? Please help or we will be unable to cope with the harsh cold :(
¨ No.83
OP did you try turning it off and on again?
¨ No.84
Wow, I didn't know they let BITCHES onto this form. Our city can't even afford a weather dome, and you don't hear any of us complaining about it. Grow a pair of fucking balls, buy a sweater, and sack up, pussy.

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