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File: 1659025247635.jpg–(709.02KB, 1120x610, E52890A3-9988-4D8A-B426-3AE65600EF98.jpeg)
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Hey guys, I’m looking to go camping somewhere out of city and I was hoping to find some recommendations on nomadic cities with a good mountain range. I’m pretty new so advice on things to bring or keep in mind while hiking is appreciated. Athletically speaking I feel like I could handle pretty much any trail but, I still consider myself a novice overall in terms of backpacking and camping. I also haven’t been to any other cities, do I need to get a pass or just book a ferry and show up? Any advice would be helpful, thanks!
¨ No.55
The world just ended and you want to go camping????
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i respect the grind no cap
¨ No.61
Nice to find a fellow camper! Not sure how far you are from it, but I heavily recommend this nomadic city a bit further down the Southern hemisphere. I don't remember it's name, but I think it was some sort of nature reserve? The people living in it were really chill and it had some amazing vistas and locations, so definitely seems worth checking out!

I recommend bringing a friend or two though. Those capybaras mean business.
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Why are you posting this gold cunt? You know he's a piece of shit and the reason we're busy fishing our lives away.

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