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File: 1662178985668.png–(354.48KB, 477x530, l8xq6mc0udk81.png)
>random ass corporation pops out of nowhere
>we've managed to create golems that you can summon past humans into
>it... it just works bro!!!
are we seriously supposed to accept this? What's Republic up to, man, what's it doing? This feels like a massive conspiracy.
¨ No.105
1695505750270.jpg–(47.89KB, 700x597, 3954d5dfc7455613fb641a9a2e51c450bb196086001fd88256)
>Be me, unexperienced neet Magi
>Neet friend bought a Frame and invites me to his house to test it out
>Witness the fabled "Summoning Ritual"
>Friend chanting gibberish
>Suddenly a guy in a bedsheet "Assassin" appears out of thin air

You guys don't actually believe this shit, do you?

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